Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Assalamualaikum & selamat sejahtera. It's been a while since I last updated my lovely blog. I am very sorry, I have a very boring blog. Have fun reading, people. Haha. My life is getting better, so far. Alhamdulilah for that. My friends are amazing, my classmates are amazing, my boyfriend is amazing, my bestfriends are amazing, everything is amazing. I'm so glad I have such an amazing people in my life. Thank you, Allah. Though, ada juga complain complain about how terrible my life is & etc. Sigh, such a ungrateful kid. Setiap manusia tidak pernah puas dengan apa yang mereka ada. Well, I sound so.. Melayu baku. Haha. SPM is just around the corner. Trials just ended. SO HAPPY. I kinda feel a bit tenang after trials habis. Now, I gotta concentrate on real exam pulak, which I know, it will be more harder than trials. I didn't get semua keputusan yet, I just got half of them. My teachers are lazy & sembang, haha. I'm so gonna miss them though. Less than one month, then I'm not a budak sekolah anymore. Somehow, tak sabar juga nak habis sekolah. Siapa suka bangun awal, get ready, bawak beg berat, pegi sekolah kena beratur, kena dengar cikgu bg pengumuman, masuk class & blablabla. But best thing about school is I can meet my classmates, gelak gelak, haih good times good times. Haha. I have no idea what would happen to us after sekolah nanti.

As you guys know, I only have one facebook account (facebook.com/SyamimiAmiruddn) & one twitter account (@SyamimiAmiruddn) & for those who added the fake one, kindly please report/spam that fake accounts. Seriously though, why would people make an account facebook & fake kan? I mean, I've been saying this like a lot, just appreciate what you have. What god gave to you. Tbh, I was so sad when I found out about my fake accounts. Tell me, what is yr point of creating my fake account? Sebab famous? I have thousand of followers on Twitter? I don't give a fuck about my followers. I don't care about how many followers I have, how many people kenal me in real life & so on. I'm on Twitter/Facebook everyday because I'm not like other kids yang boleh go out whenever they want. They can balik rumah anytime they want. I have a very strict mum & dad. Should I say, narrow minded parents because they're too paranoid of having daughters? Idk man, seriously. Obviously my parents let me go out, but not everyday though. Sometimes. But then, I have to balik at 7 or 8. If more than 8, I'm so gonna die. I have curfew, so sad. That's why I spend all of my time on twitter & facebook. & about having a lot of tweets/followers, hmm, I've been using Twitter since form one. Till now. Hari hari tweet, mmg banyak lah. So annoying. URL facebook yang bagi tadi is the real account, I don't have another facebook account, & thats it people. & please people, please, report/spam fake accounts sampai suspended, P L E A S E, thank you so much.

& about Natasha Nafuelle, Idk how to spell her name, she has been using my photos for her bbm display since I don't know when. I don't have a blackberry & not interested to have a blackberry punnnn. Clear enough.

Kerjasama anda, amat amat saya hargai.